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BitterSweet NY established in 2020 had a mission to spread color. Allie Genatt, the young creative who Started the up and coming brand says “Bitter Sweet NY is more than just a tie dye brand, It’s a movement that's intended to allow you to express yourself through comfortable and wearable fashion." We focus on unique design and colors allowing us to showcase clothing that you can’t find anywhere else. Everything we make is one of a kind and made exactly for you!
BitterSweet derives from the source of pure serotonin. Without the rain, we would never get the gorgeous flowers that bloom soon after. The same message we are trying to spread through BitterSweet. Without life’s downs, we can’t appreciate the amazing ups that make life worth it! Allie Genatt the Creator, Has had a whirlwind of life’s up and downs! At the age of 11 she received a kidney transplant that would later lead to a life of constant worrying about her health. With Covid-19 hitting fast and furious, Allie knew she needed to do something to help her as well as her friends and family around her SMILE. Soon after BitterSweet NY was born.


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